Water’s Edge Leonbergers

Sue & Scot Herman

Contract for Purchase of a Leonberger with a Spay/Neuter Agreement

Hereinafter known as “Seller” or “Breeder”

Name:  Sue & Scot Herman

Address:  5519 Grubb Road

                  Erie, PA 16506

Phone: 814-602-3306

Email:  sueherman14@yahoo.com

Hereinafter known as “Purchaser”      

(Please print your information as you wish it to appear on the AKC Registration forms)

Name (Primary Owner):  _____________________________________________________________________

Name (Secondary Owner):  __________________________________________________________________

Address:  _________________________________________________________________________________

Phone (cell and home):  _____________________________________________________________________

Email:  ___________________________________________________________________________________

Hereinafter known as “puppy” or “dog”

(AKC Registered name must begin with “Water’s Edge” then the next name must begin with an “A”.  This is to denote our “A” litter with the LCA. The maximum characters allowed are 50 including spaces and punctuation.)

AKC Registered Name:

Water’s Edge______________________________________________________________________________

Sire: CH Wood’s Den Ashkii

Dam: GCH, CH Bluebonnet’s Kiss Me Lil My Ray Of Hope O West Mtn CGC, RN, TKN

Date of Birth:  _______________________

Description:  golden yellow with black mask and tips

AKC Registration Number:  ______________________________________________

Microchip Number:  ______________________________________________

Purchase of a puppy will include the following provided by the Breeder:

  • AKC Registration will be submitted online by Breeder in accordance with the contract
  • Microchip, 1st round of shots, deworming and rear dew claws removed
  • Temperament testing performed at 7 weeks of age and structural evaluations performed at 8 weeks of age.
  • A puppy care sheet
  • Puppy packet which includes: a toy from the litter, registration information, shot record and microchip number, leash and collar.
  • A lifetime of support for your dog as well as being available for any questions, concerns.  

Purchase Price

The purchase price of one (Leongerberger) puppy is Two Thousand Eight Hundred Dollars (US) ($2,800.00) to be paid on the following set payment plan.  

  • A reservation fee of $1,000.00 will reserve the Purchaser’s spot on the list for a puppy. This fee is nonrefundable except if the Seller chooses not to sell the Purchaser a puppy, or if the Seller can not provide the Purchaser a puppy.
  • Final payment of $1,800.00 will be due when the puppy is six (6) weeks of age.  If the final payment is not received by the time the puppy is seven (7) weeks of age Purchaser will forfeit their $1,000.00 reservation fee and the puppy will be placed up for adoption to another home. 
  • NO PUPPIES WILL BE SHIPPED. We feel that it is important to meet all of our puppy’s new families and that it is in the puppy’s best interest to travel home with their new owners by car or to fly in cabin with their new family. 
  • If a puppy can not be picked up by the pick up date set by the seller the purchaser will be assessed a daily care fee which will be determined on an individual basis. 
  • All fees associated with picking up the puppy are that of the Purchaser

Terms of Purchase for Pet Puppy

The Seller agrees to sell Dog to Purchaser and Purchaser agrees to accept Dog under the following terms, conditions and warranty.  There are no other terms, conditions or warranties either expressed or implied.

  • Breeder guarantees that the Dog is a purebred Leonberger Dog that is eligible for registration with the AKC. The Breeder will provide registration for AKC for each puppy.
  • Breeder guarantees the puppy is in good health when delivered to the Purchaser.  The puppy may, for any reason, be returned to the Breeder within seventy-two (72) hours from which the Buyer takes control of the puppy and the Breeder will refund the full purchase price.  All of the paperwork must also be returned with the puppy within the 72 hour window to receive a full refund.
  • The Breeder has taken every reasonable precaution to insure physical soundness and mental stability in this breeding.
  • Purchaser recognizes that no puppy can be guaranteed as a show winner and accepts this limitation.
  • Purchaser acknowledges that the Breeder has provided written instructions for the care of this puppy.
  • Purchaser shall assume full responsibility for the mental and physical health of the puppy. This includes all inoculations and boosters as required by your state and recommended by your veterinarian. 
  • Purchaser will provide the puppy with a proper diet and exercise program to insure a sensible weight gain and weight for the puppy’s size and age.
  • Purchaser will give the puppy regular care of coat, nails and ears.
  • The Purchaser will take the dog to a competent Veterinarian when necessary, including yearly physical and inoculations.
  • The Purchaser will keep the puppy in a suitable fenced area (NOT a small kennel enclosure, chained or let to roam at large) at the Purchaser’s home for short times. Purchaser agrees that this Leonberger puppy is being sold as A HOUSE DOG.  THIS PUPPY WILL NEVER BE LEFT OUTSIDE FOR LONG PERIODS OR ISOLATED FROM IT’S FAMILY. **
  • Purchaser agrees to keep the puppy in a manner to prevent it from being teased or abused by anyone or any other animal.  **
  • Purchaser agrees that this puppy is being sold as a PET PUPPY and will spay/neuter this puppy.  Purchaser also agrees that this puppy will not be spayed/neutered until the age of eighteen (18) months old.  If this puppy is not spayed/neutered by the age of 3 years old, purchaser agrees to pay the Breeder Three thousand dollars ($3,000.00)(US). PURCHASER WILL PROVIDE COPY OF SPAY/NEUTER CONFORMATION FROM THEIR VETERINARIAN TO THE SELLER AT THE TIME OF THE PROCEDURE. **
  • Purchaser agrees to enroll the puppy in three (3) 8 week training classes (obedience, agility foundation class, rally class, water rescue foundation class etc) and to attend the class with your puppy.  These classes are intended to continue with puppy socializing, begin to improve your puppy’s obedience level and to help nourish your and your puppy’s bond. 
  • If at any time, for any reason, Purchaser is unable to care for or wishes to re-home their puppy, the Breeder will be notified and have the right to reclaim the dog. The re-purchase price shall be negotiable depending on the Purchaser’s adherence to the terms of this contract but will not exceed more than 1/2 the total purchase price. 

** if any of the above terms indicated by (“**“) are violated, Breeder may take possession of the puppy without reimbursement. 

Health Conditions

  • Purchaser realizes that even though appropriate testing on both sire, dam and lineage of puppy has been performed, there are no guarantees of the health of any said puppy.
  • If the puppy has to be destroyed prior to the age of 24 months due to hip dysplasia or any other proven inherited disease, the Breeder shall replace the puppy or refund the Buyer a minimum of 50% of the purchase price. (This price will be negotiated between the Breeder and Purchaser at that time.)
  • Purchaser will give notice to the Breeder upon the death of the puppy at any age for any reason.  If this dog dies of unspecified causes, not medically diagnosable as disease or trauma, notice will be given within 24 hours and, if requested by the Breeder, arrangement for a necropsy will be done at the Breeders expense. 


This puppy is being sold as a Pet/Companion dog with a spay/neuter agreement.  The AKC registration will be marked as “limited” and AKC ownership will be transferred completely into the Purchaser’s name.  A dog which is purchased with a limited registration means that no offsprings of this dog are eligible for AKC registration.  The dog is able to compete is AKC events such as obedience, rally, agility, draft work, water rescue etc.  The dog is not eligible to participate in Conformation shows only. 

Breach of this Contract

Purchasers failure to comply with the conditions and terms as set forth herein will result in a breach of contract and the puppy being returned to the Breeder at the Purchaser’s expense. If the dog is permanently returned to the Breeder due to lack of compliance by Purchaser, Purchaser will forfeit all monies paid for the puppy and will sign over registration papers to the Breeder.

Breeder and Purchaser shall be limited to the remedies set forth in the Agreement in the event of a breach of the terms of this contract. 

Terms of this contract shall be governed by Pennsylvania Law.









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